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Learning Guitar: Start with Acoustic

acoustic guitarFor many students, the desire to start playing guitar comes from hearing their favorite bands playing.

Depending on the style of music in question, that usually means a suite of electric guitars in a heavy rock band. While learning how to play electric guitar is a valid aim, it isn’t necessarily the best place to start.

Here are a few reasons you should start learning guitar by playing acoustic and not electric guitar.

It’s Cheaper

For starters, there’s the price tag. A good beginning acoustic guitar can cost as little as $100-200. There are even some available for less, which are targeted primarily towards children and not teens or adults. Find a good guitar from Guitar Center.

Electric guitars, by contrast, are far more expensive. Cheap electric guitars are often $400 or more, and that’s just for the guitar. Keep in mind that with electric guitars, you also need a host of other accessories in order to really play it, including, amps, speakers, connection cables, and often a foot pedal.

Acoustic guitars have few, if any accessories.

Fingering is Easier

Not only is it cheaper, but the acoustic guitar is actually easier to play. Because of the design of most beginning guitars, fingerings on the acoustic come more naturally, and require less pressure and tension than their electric cousins.

When you’re just starting out, you will, among other things, need to build finger strength, and starting with a guitar that’s hard to get your fingers around doesn’t help.

Find beginning guitar fingerings at

It’s Easier On Your Neighbors

Finally, it’s important to remember that beginning guitarists aren’t always fun to listen to. Have some consideration for your family, roommates, or neighbors, and go with the softer acoustic side.

Everyone will thank you, trust me.

I hope these three simple tips help you to consider your options when you’re first starting out with guitar. Like I mentioned above, even if your ultimate aim is to learn to master the electric guitar and become a rock star, it still pays to start out with the acoustic.

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